Monday, March 13, 2017

Can the Legion of Mary Turn Me Into a Rosary Regular?

As a rookie Catholic, I am often amazed at what I don't yet know about being Catholic.  

The Legion of Mary is one of those topics I don't know anything about.  My mother, aka Nanny, also a rookie Catholic, has joined the Legion of Mary in her parish.  I'm not sure what she's most excited about: visiting strangers at the hospital or keeping the statue of Mary at her house for a week.

The whole issue of keeping a statue of Mary in your house is a topic for another day.  I can just imagine what our protestant friends would think of that.  Again, that's for another day.

Here's what I like about her little Legion group:  Nanny has to have two partners who commit to saying the rosary every day.  That's it.  Just saying the rosary. 1 time.  Per day.

I, of course, already know that I have never been able to keep that up.  So I've asked her to see if I can share the task with my kids.  So I think 2 of the 3 will do it with me. The third one is probably my biggest prayer intention as he navigates making this faith his own: a necessary but painful process! (Another topic for another day...) Possibly hubby will join in .  I'm thinking I will do every other day and they can each take just one day.  So they will end up saying the rosary 1 out of every 6 days.  Not bad considering they say it exactly 0 out of every 6 days currently.

I'm secretly hoping I might actually be successful at praying it every day despite my history of what we'll call Broken Rosary Promises.

Here's what I'm hoping will push me towards success:

  • it involves the boys (my kiddos)
  • it involves my mama (bless her sweet little heart)
  • it's the rosary...

First prayer intention: Precious Mary, pray for me!  I just can't do this on my own!

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